Hairstylists, barbers, colorists, and assistants in the hair industry, all seem to face health challenges. For some, it may be pain from shoulder to hand, back pain and/or leg pain – not to mention developing varicose veins. Ask yourself:

  • Are you standing on a hard concrete floor for extended periods of time?
  • Do you find yourself bending over (improperly) to shampoo, color or apply product?
  • While standing, do you favor one leg – placing the majority of weight on that side?
  • Do you wear properly-fitted, supportive shoes? How about orthotics?
  • Are you taking time to stretch during the day – in between clients?

Is it any wonder that over 70% of hairstylists currently reported having pain, according to recent surveys? Many are suffering on a daily basis with lower back pain and leg pain… unnecessarily!

Prevention is key to reducing or eliminating the structural, muscular and chemical health problems associated with the hair industry. Below is a list of recommendations from the AIMS Healthcare Team:

  • Maintain proper posture… at all times! Speak with a chiropractic physician or physical therapist who can evaluate your posture and offer techniques and therapies to restore structural and muscular balance. Exercises, stretching and developing strong core muscles are vital to prevention of pain – in all professions. And finally, learn how to bend, push, pull and lift correctly. Poor posture may be a key factor in lower back pain when standing.
  • Ergonomically, an adjustable stool or hydraulic chair can decrease stress placed on the body. When working, position yourself so that your arms are working at chest height or at a comfortable position, utilize anti-fatigue mats, vary your position and take frequent breaks.
  • Help to prevent tendonitis of the thumb or forearm muscles by using proper, well-sharpened scissors. Many options exist, even a swivel-thumb scissor to minimize an awkward position.
  • Reduce the repetitive nature of cutting and blowing out hair.
  • Supportive, lace-up, non-skid shoes are priceless! A physical therapist or chiropractor can determine if custom orthotics may be beneficial. Additionally, wear comfortable clothes that do not restrict movement. Compression stockings (hose or socks) may be recommended for varicose veins.
  • Therapeutic massage and acupuncture can help to relieve stress.
  • Watch your step! Be aware of spilled product or hair cuttings on the floor. Mop and sweep up to avoid an accident.
  • If you are looking for carpal tunnel syndrome treatment, then chiropractic manipulation of the wrist, elbow, and upper spine may be incorporated with physical therapy and acupuncture. Supports for the wrist and hand are available.
  • If warranted, a Pain Management Specialist may recommend short-term Anti-Inflammatory Medications (NSAIDs), Prescription Pain Medication Intervention or Cortisone Injections to decrease inflammation and start the healing process.
  • To restore chemical balance – combat some of the “chemicals of beauty”, maintain a healthy diet, drink water to stay hydrated and supplement with vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids. Diagnostic tests are available to determine allergens, sensitivities, toxins and deficiencies. A Medical Doctor and Registered Dietitian can help you feed your muscles and eliminate toxins. A Medical Detoxification Program, Intravenous Chelation or Hydrogen Peroxide Drip may be recommended.

If you are suffering with lower back pain and leg pain, arm and hand pain or neck pain, we may be able to help you. Many of our patients who are hairstylists, have eliminated pain with a customized carpal tunnel syndrome treatment program or customized back, leg or neck treatment program.

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