You’re twisting or crossing your legs and all of a sudden… HIP PAIN! You could be sound asleep and hip pain suddenly wakes you up, preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep. Perhaps you simply step out of bed or out of the car and experience stiff legs and pain in your hip. Hip injuries can be caused by simply stepping the wrong way.

In 2006, millions of hip pain sufferers – 1.6 million women and 1.3 million men, went to the doctor for hip pain relief. There were 733,000 visits to the emergency room for hip pain. The majority of visits were from those over age 60 (1.5 million) to be followed by those in the 43 – 60 age group (665,000 visits).

People of all ages are susceptible to hip pain caused by hip injury. Children can injure a hip while playing, athletes may experience hip injuries due to the increased demand placed on their muscles, ligaments and joints; and seniors are at a greater risk for chronic hip pain, since they can develop arthritis and osteoporosis in the hip. Additional hip pain factors include spinal misalignments and imbalances, herniated disc, sciatica, tendonitis, weak core muscles, referred back pain and obesity.

chronic hip pain

If we injure any part of the body involved in walking, then the body attempts to compensate by altering our gait. This “new” gait can become a habit within a short time, placing pressure on other joints, like the hip. Gait changes may occur due to biomechanical problems (ankle sprain or knee strain), a new job or new job responsibilities, changing the way we sit, starting a new sport/activity or driving for long periods of a regular basis. Gait imbalances can occur from leg length dissimilarities, foot pronation conditions or carrying an infant on the hip. Any of these compensations made by your body can put you at risk for a hip injury and chronic hip pain.

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