One morning, you wake-up with a burning or tingling sensation in your neck. Perhaps it feels like a stiff neck, or just tender and you just can’t figure out why! Did you sleep “funny” or catch a draft on your neck, causing the neck pain? Maybe it is a neck injury, from when  your car was rear-ended or when you twisted the wrong way at the gym. Whatever is causing your neck pain, all you know is… it hurts and you want it to go away, before it gets worse!

severe neck painNeck pain – also referred to as cervical pain, can strike anywhere from the bottom of your head to the top of your shoulders.  Severe neck pain can quickly spread to your upper back or arms, limiting head and neck movement. You may experience crippling headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, depression and fatigue – which can last for days, weeks, months or years, especially if left untreated. Long-term neck pain has the potential to limit daily activities and reduce your quality of life. The possibility for neck pain and injury are constant, therefore, a little anatomy is needed.

Your neck is amazing! It begins at the base of the skull, and contains 7 small bones or vertebrae. Between each vertebrae are intervertebral discs (tough shock-absorbing pads). In addition, the neck has joints, muscles and ligaments that allow movement and provide stability. It carries the weight of your head… 8 – 12 pounds and has the ability to nod up and down (90° of forward and backward motion) and turn right and left (180° of side to side motion, and almost 120° of tilt to each shoulder). The nerves in your neck help the brain communicate with your shoulders, arms and chest. The arteries and veins circulate blood between the brain and the heart. With so much freedom of movement, comes the risk for neck pain and neck injury!

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