Is chronic pain preventing you from enjoying family, friends or hobbies? Has an injury or illness decreased your joint mobility or muscle energy? At Alternative Integrated Medical Services of East Brunswick, NJ, we restore balance and function with a customized physical therapy and rehabilitation program. Our holistic approach focuses on improving strength, endurance and flexibility; thereby achieving independence and a “pain-free” fulfilling life.

At Alternative Integrated Medical Services – also known as the AIMS Clinic, our physical therapists confer daily with our medical staff, chiropractic physicians and acupuncturist to help a wide range of ailments. If your condition necessitates both medical care, physical therapy, chiropractic or acupuncture, we can schedule multiple appointments on the same day. Our Healthcare Team is dedicated to implementing safe, effective and the least invasive treatment for each patient.

If you had an automobile or sports injury, are recovering from surgery, suffer from an illness or health condition, we offer a relaxed environment with state-of-the-art equipment to promote healing and restoration. Our certified, highly trained physical therapists have decades of combined experience treating acute and chronic muscular and skeletal conditions. Put yourself in our hands, we care for our patients the same way we would our family members. From the moment you walk into the AIMS Clinic, you will realize that this is the Center where compassion and professional care integrate. Our physical therapists communicate regularly with referring physicians to help speed recovery and keep all abreast of the progress made. In fact, many doctors refer their patients to us because of our expert care, personalized approach and open communication.

Yes, we can make your recovery a wonderful experience, offering encouragement, guidance and home care instruction. We do not just treat injuries and impairment – we treat you, the individual person. Day and evening appointments are available and we pride ourselves on seeing patients promptly. Front desk and billing specialists are available to assist with billing questions and health insurance benefits.

Alternative Integrated Medical Services is committed to being the #1 Outpatient Physical Therapy and Pain Rehabilitation Center – surpassing patient and referring physicians expectations. As with any condition, our goal is to correctly identify the source of pain and dysfunction. We specialize in the treatment of chronic pain syndromes; pain related to orthopedic injuries; pre and post-surgical pain; neurological, muscular and musculoskeletal pain; scar tissue/adhesion pain; arthritis and back and neck pain. Our multi-disciplinary approach with on-staff Board Certified Medical Physicians, Pain Management Specialist, Chiropractic Physicians and Acupuncturist, promotes pain reduction and a speedy recovery.

Many patients come to our Center because they are experiencing sprains and strains of the ankle, knee, shoulder, neck and back; poor balance; herniated discs of the cervical and lumbar spine; gait abnormalities or dysfunction; headaches; sciatica; tennis elbow; fibromyalgia; carpal tunnel syndrome; frozen shoulder; TMJ joint dysfunction or whiplash. In addition, student and adult athletes seek physical therapy to maximize their athletic potential. Our specialized physical therapy techniques include Myofascial Release, Muscle Trigger Point, Scar Tissue Mobilization, Soft Tissue Mobilization, Joint Mobilization, Manual and Mechanical Traction, Manual Stretching, Modalities (moist heat, ultrasound, electric stimulation), Kinesio Taping and Therapeutic Exercise Programs (self-stretching; postural retraining; spinal stabilization; core stabilization; and scapular, abdominal and gluteal retraining). We understand that each patient is unique… and so is their treatment program.

Call New Jersey’s own Alternative Integrated Medical Services today at 732-254-5553 and receive a FREE Initial Consultation. Our goal is to provide the most advanced and compassionate pain relief. Our Team of Experts and friendly staff at your local East Brunswick, NJ AIMS Clinic, will help you reduce or eliminate pain and improve function. As our patient, we will teach you how to regain your health with our revolutionary new treatment program.