Many people come to The AIMS Clinic because they are unable to perform their daily activities or have trouble falling asleep, due to numbness or pain in their arm. Some of our patients find using a computer, texting, working out at the gym or blow drying their hair – now, to be difficult. Anyone suffering with a sore arm should consider having an evaluation, to determine if care is needed.

The arm itself is amazing! It has thirty one bones, over forty muscles and fourteen major nerves – which allows it to function as miraculously as it does. With so many bones, muscles and nerves… injury often results, especially if spinal health is not maintained.

Symptoms associated with Arm Pain

• Aches and stiffness that spread to the upper arm and forearm (often caused by a muscle strain)
• Shooting pain that spreads down the arm and into the hand and finger (often caused by a pinched nerve in the neck)
• Numbness, weakness and/or pain of the hands or arms (often caused by a pinched nerve in the neck)

Pain in the arm should never be ignored, especially if accompanied by chest pain or shortness of breath. This may be a sign of a heart attack – seek immediate medical attention.

Other causes of pain in the arm (which may be overlooked) include:
• Spinal Misalignment (Subluxation): Nerves become irritated
• Herniated or Degenerated Disc
• Poor Posture: A distortion found with a forward head and shoulders can cause muscular tension in the shoulders and neck, as well as referred pain into the arm.
• Referred Pain: Stemming from injuries to muscles, joints and ligaments in the neck.
• Strained Muscle Positions: Overuse of muscles may result in carpal tunnel syndrome or tennis elbow.
• Osteoarthritis: Joints become unstable due to trauma, overuse, etc.
• Spinal Stenosis
• Injuries: Whiplash, fracture or a ligament tear.

Do you need treatment for muscle pain in arm?

A detailed medical history, along with a thorough physical, orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic examinations are conducted. If necessitated, additional diagnostic tests may be recommended – such as x-rays or MRI scans, in order to provide effective and comfortable care. Our findings are explained to the patient and often visible on x-rays for the patient to see. For us, it is vital to have all questions answered and any considerations discussed prior to treatment. This results in effective, long lasting results.

For many patients, testing reveals arthritis, loss of disc space, bone spurs or degeneration – which usually indicates that the problem started many years ago. However, at this point we can only go forward. With lifestyle modifications and care – most patients experience pain relief quickly.

Treatment for upper arm muscle pain, or any pain associated with arm pain are offered at the multi-disciplinary AIMS Clinic. Options include:
• Chiropractic: A variety of adjusting techniques (manipulation), stretching and spinal decompression are powerful chiropractic tools. In addition, Ice, Heat, Ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation, Soft Tissue Massage, Joint Mobilization and Traction are integrated to maximize relief and correction.
• Physical Therapy: A combination of stretching and strengthening exercises are often incorporated into a customized treatment program. Functional training – along with a healthy posture program will reduce strain on the joints and soft tissues around the spine. Kinesio Taping is also administered to promote healing.
• Acupuncture: Helps to speed the healing process by returning the natural energy flow to the affected area. Additionally, it releases endorphins to soothe pain while stimulating circulation and the body’s own healing ability.
• Nutrition: A nutritional approach, involving a change in diet and dietary supplements can help prevent pain, promote healing and reduce inflammation. Feed your body the fuel it needs to function at an optimal level.

Stop suffering with a sore arm!

If you are experiencing pain in your arm, help is available at The AIMS Clinic. Treatment for upper arm muscle pain or nerve impingement involving numbness, tingling and weakness can be created for you. Whether your pain is in the upper or lower arm, we can discover the cause, explain how and why the problem developed, how to correct the problem and how to prevent a reoccurrence.

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