If you are suffering with back pain, sciatica, leg pain or spinal stenosis,Spinal Decompression– a non-surgical spinal manipulation technique can help eliminate pain, by realigning the spine. This  “pain-free”, doctor-controlled, hands-on technique, lengthens and decompresses the spine gently, creating a negative or reversal of pressure within the discs. The result is a reduction of pressure on pinched nerves, repositioning bulging discs and pulling extruded disc material back (oxygen, fluids and nutrients) into place.

One of our highly trained, chiropractic physicians performs a series of gentle pulls, holds and releases in key areas of the lumbar spine, to reduce pain and promote healing. It is performed on a special table that helps to separate the lumbar spinal joints. Only a slight pressure is applied to the body, with a goal of decreasing pressure and decompressing the inflamed areas around the spine to restore nerve function.

Spinal Decompression, is a safe alternative to back surgery, and is used for those who are still suffering with back pain after extensive surgery, or are seeking to maximize recovery during rehabilitation. Additionally, it restores range of motion in the joints and re-educates the muscles, thereby increasing flexibility and improving posture. Results are sometimes immediate, however many patients require several weeks to see significant results – due to each patient’s specific health symptoms.

While Spinal Decompression may be recommended to reduce or eliminate back pain, hip pain, sciatica and leg pain, it also improves posture, increases circulation, improves nerve communication and back pain from a previous pregnancy. These quick, painless treatments may be covered by health insurance.

Spinal Decompression offers new hope for those patients who want to avoid surgery without drugs, injections or surgery.

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