Monthly Archives: May 2016

Could you be suffering with Hypothyroidism Symptoms?

Everyday may bring new symptoms! Your skin, hair and nails are becoming dry or brittle, you’re gaining a few extra pounds, fatigue is increasing and depression is occurring. You may be exercising regularly, but weight gain occurs. Unfortunately, as time goes by, the cycle continues – fatigue and depression may lead to the inability to…


What to Do For a Pinched Nerve

Where do you turn when you wake up with pain in your neck – so painful that you are unable to move? Or, what if while sitting at your desk, you start to feel a tingling or numbness in your leg? Perhaps it’s time to have a professional evaluate your symptoms and determine if you…


How to Alleviate the Pain of a Muscle Spasm

Whether you are an athlete, musician, hairstylist or office worker… you probably have experienced a muscle spasm. All of a sudden, a wicked leg cramp, a muscle becomes rigid or a painful muscle twitch in the arm or neck is experienced. Some people have difficulty moving, turning or bending their shoulder or back. Muscle spasms…


Who’s suffering with a Sore Heel?

Many people today are proactive when it comes to their health. They realize the importance of including exercise into their daily routine – and not living a sedentary life. More and more people are walking, jogging and running; as well as playing tennis, football and soccer. Others take advantage of the great outdoors and enjoy…


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