Alternative Treatment Options for Heart Issues

There is a time and place for traditional medicine. However, more and more people are seeking alternative treatments or therapies to deal with a multitude of ailments – including heart disease. In fact, in the US, approximately 38% of adults … Continued

The Facts about Headaches in Children

Headaches… they affect people of all ages. In fact, many parents take their children and grandchildren to Doctors and Specialists, but the headaches remain. They are desperately searching for headache relief for kids. Medication is no longer an option because … Continued

Are you seeking Hip Therapy after a Hip Replacement?

Hip replacements have been successfully performed for over 55 years. They are a common orthopedic surgery. Once discharged, Physical Therapy is vital to restoring normal joint motion and strength. Factors that determine whether a patient will be discharged and sent … Continued

Are you suffering with Painful Periods?

It is not uncommon for women to experience discomfort with their periods, especially in their teenage years. Usually, it is not indicative of a serious problem – however, it can be associated with a medical condition. Painful periods are not … Continued