Are You Ready For Summer?

Summer is the time many of us immerse ourselves into outdoor activities. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready due to chronic or acute pain, feeling tired, carrying around too much weight or consumed with stress – both physically and emotionally. We struggle with trying to find the best way to lose weight or find ways on how to reduce stress.

If you have not reached all your health goals… the time to start is now. There are many ways to reach wellness, with a customized treatment program based upon individual goals and lifestyle. There is not one diet plan for losing weight that works for everyone or one solution for reducing stress.

Many of these concerns can be addressed and corrected by integrating several treatment options. More and more people are discovering the benefits of physical therapy, chiropractic and nutritional counseling.

How to Reduce Stress with Chiropractic:

Good health, in part – is based upon a normal functioning nervous system. One that is free from interference – free of any spinal misalignments or subluxations. A subluxation is often corrected by spinal manipulations (a gently focused movement of the spine and extremities) and/or other chiropractic techniques and therapies to relieve nerve interference, thus allowing the spine and nervous system to heal, increase energy and return to an optimal state of function. Many people experience a new feeling of vitality, with better sleep and alertness.

To help weekend warriors who pack their exercise program into 1 – 2 days, those with digital slouch – spending hours playing video games or for those participating in outdoor sports… remember to include chiropractic care, especially if you are planning a summer vacation. If you are going to be spending hours on a plane, in a train or car; or engaging in additional activities – pre and post-vacation chiropractic care is how to reduce stress!

Summer Fitness: Discover the Benefits of Physical Therapy 

If you are looking to get in shape fast… exercise. If your aches and pain are preventing you from exercising then physical therapy may help. In addition to providing education about your condition, creating goals and reducing pain, the health benefits of physical therapy include:

  • Exercises to strengthen muscles and improve/increase range-of-motion, posture, coordination, balance and endurance.
  • Stretching to reduce stress on joints and improve/increase energy, flexibility, relaxation and circulation of blood to various body parts.

Go from injury to rehabilitation to fitness with the help of a Physical Therapist. Physical Therapists provide client-centered, evidence-based care to promote health and fitness. Therapies include ultrasound, electric stimulation, heat/cold therapy, traction and massage.

What is the Best Way to Lose Weight for the Summer?

The spring and summer may be the best time to lose weight! During the dark and dreary winter months, many people – especially those with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) find themselves binging during depressing winter months. In addition to binging, people may isolate themselves and may crave carbohydrates. As the temperatures rises – appetite can decrease – especially after a workout. Warmer weather means showing more skin – motivation to lose weight.

If you are looking for a diet plan to lose weight, work with a professional. Work with a Medical Doctor and/or a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Licensed Dietician Nutritionist to create a customized program. Certain recommendation may include:

  • Increase water to stay hydrated, as the temperature heats up.
  • Eat fresh fruit and raw salads, which are easy to digest and aid with hydration.
  • Avoid fried food, junk food and heavily spiced food, which take time to digest, require a lot of water and may be high in calories, sugar and fat.

A Nutrition Specialist can perform a Body Composition Analysis to analyze percentage of BMI (body mass index) and water. These components, together with weight help to determine the best way to lose weight. Blood tests may also be necessitated to determine toxins and other factors preventing weight loss.

If want to know how to reduce stress – emotional, physical (muscular and structural) and chemical, in order to help you get ready for summer, work with a multi-disciplinary Center. By integrating Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and a Nutritionist – you’ll be ready in no time!

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