Nutritional Best Practices for Office Workers

Eating At Work

We’ve all been there – your work day is hectic, and the commute takes up your precious free time. Before you know it, you’re ditching bagged lunches for fast food and eating out instead of cooking dinner. Factor in how difficult it is to get to the gym, and now you’ve developed habits that are wearing you down and negatively affecting your overall health. If you’re ready to improve your diet and your health, check out these nutritional tips for office workers from the AIMS Clinic’s trained nutritionist.

#1 – Supplement Your Diet with Nutrients

Taking daily vitamins, minerals and amino acids can play a vital role in how you feel and even aid in the regulation of blood pressure, energy output and memory. Not sure where to start? AIMS Clinic specializes in identifying the necessary nutrients patients are missing and clinically prepares individual supplements to attain optimal health. This is because the human body cannot perform at its full potential without all of the vital macro and micro nutrients it needs.

#2 – Learn the Consequences of Your Food Choices

Understanding how the foods you consume affect your body can have lasting benefits. Similarly, knowing the consequences of unhealthy food options, such as the possibility of developing metabolic disease, diabetes and heart disease, also influences better food choices during the work week. Proper nutrition also boosts the immune system, meaning a decreased risk of getting sick at work.

To get started, incorporate fiber, protein and healthy fat into each meal, and choose whole-food snacks that give you more energy on the job and prevent unhealthy cravings. Consult with a nutritionist to learn more about your personal dietary needs to ensure you’re consuming the right foods and avoiding harmful choices.

#3 – Know That Exercise Is Not Optional

Regular exercise is crucial in maintaining the necessary metabolic rate to burn food efficiently, and burning more calories during the day also means sleeping better at night. This can be accomplished with tweaks to your daily routine, like taking walks during your breaks and opting for the stairs. But sometimes, long days at your desk can leave you feeling too drained to work out. If so, a nutritionist can help craft an eating plan that helps you feel more energized and ready to get active – and that ensures you’re eating enough.

Get the Nutritional Support You Need

Improving your diet won’t just improve your health. You may also notice increased energy and better productivity in the workplace. If you’re ready to improve your eating habits, contact AIMS Clinic to schedule a free consultation with our nutritionist. We’ll help detoxify your body, improve digestion and correct any deficiencies with a personalized plan tailored just for you. Visit us today at 150-A Tices Ln in East Brunswick, NJ or call 732-254-5553 732-254-5553 to schedule an appointment.

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