Low Stress to No Stress: Little Headaches that Might Pile Up

Stress-Induced Headache

By design, humans are equipped to handle small doses of stress, the body’s chemical reaction to certain situations. But what may seem like minor stressors can often induce headaches and potentially lead to long-term consequences to your overall health. In East Brunswick, New Jersey, AIMS Clinic is advising patients on these common triggers of stress that cause headaches and may worsen over time, and how an alternative headache treatment plan can help.

Identifying Stressors That Make Headaches Worse

Stress is one of the most common triggers of headaches and migraines, and can cause these painful episodes to become more severe over time. That’s why it is so vital for patients to identify the triggers of their stress and begin to treat them through alternative headache medicine. There are many common minor stressors that can lead to frequent headaches worsening over time, including:

  • Dietary inconsistencies, such as irregular eating times or skipping meals
  • Mild dehydration
  • Excessive/reduced consumption of caffeine or sugar
  • Changes in routine, like sleep patterns, starting a new job or holidays
  • Environmental triggers, including high altitude, weather changes, loud noises and bright lights
  • Physical conditions, such as teeth grinding, coughing, muscle tension and head injuries

Long-Term Stress, Long-Term Consequences

It may start with headaches and migraines, but if left untreated, stress can have debilitating long-term consequences to your overall health. Serious health problems, including cardiovascular disease, eating disorders, mental health issues and permanent hair loss, have occurred due to ongoing, chronic stress and the headaches associated with it. Other uncomfortable side effects of chronic stress include insomnia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, increased risk for infection and depression, all of which take a serious toll on quality of life.

Our Alternative Headache Treatments Work

Though you may not be able to avoid daily stress, identifying the triggers that cause headaches to worsen over time will enable you to take control. Our trusted team will evaluate your complete health history and form an alternative headache treatment plan to provide the relief you deserve. We invite you to explore firsthand how our physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture and other alternative medicine practices can transform your body’s response to stress. Contact AIMS Clinic today at 732-254-5553 732-254-5553 and schedule a free consultation.

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