Improving Your Posture with Ergonomic Equipment

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When things get busy at work, you likely spend long hours sitting at your desk. And while you might get a lot done, you could also be experiencing a negative impact on your posture. Having subpar posture can lead to pain and more serious health problems down the road. Fortunately, there are solutions to help you maintain proper positioning. Use this handy summary of ergonomic equipment for posture provided by AIMS Clinic to upgrade your office.

Take a Seat

Your chair will be the most important element in maintaining proper posture while working at your desk. Finding one with adequate lumbar support, adjustability and comfort can be difficult. To help fix this problem, chair designs that emphasize proper support and posture are growing in popularity. Familiarize yourself with the available options before choosing one that fits your needs the best.

  • Kneeling Chair: This chair puts you in a modified kneeling position with a bar in the front to rest your knees and a forward-leaning seat in the back to sit on. There is no backrest so your back, neck and shoulders stay aligned, and the low knee rest keeps your hips forward to reduce pressure on your lower back.
  • Exercise Ball Chair: This design is a combination between a normal desk chair and an exercise ball. There is a round ball for you to sit on with a chair base and backrest. Some models may also come equipped with armrests and wheels. The natural bouncing provided by the ball keeps blood circulating in your legs, and the round shape forces you to remain upright without slouching.
  • Saddle Chair: The seat of this design is narrow, allowing you to straddle it and let your legs hang. This puts you in a position between sitting and standing, which strengthens your back muscles. The seat also separates your legs more than normal to create a wide base for stability.
  • Recliner Chair: Reclining won’t just be for watching television now with this chair design. The chair’s back adjusts horizontally so you can prop your feet up and take pressure off of your back. The chair may feature a table on the side that you can put over your lap to complete work from.

Reach Every Key

Did you know that devices on your desk can also impact posture? Improperly placed and/or non-ergonomic  keyboards and mice may cause you to hunch over your desk, extend your reach too far or crane your neck, all resulting in discomfort and poor posture. Prolonged typing for years can also cause strain on muscles in your hands and wrists and even lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. Therefore, finding a keyboard that naturally fits the position of your hands is important. There are two major categories of ergonomic keyboards that can help reduce strain while typing.

  • Contoured Keyboard: Unlike standard flat keyboards, this design has a wavy structure that brings your fingers closer to the keys. This limits leaning and unnatural twisting of your wrists, while allowing you to stay upright and in proper sitting position.
  • Split Keyboard: A more radical solution, this design halves a normal keyboard and places the two sections at an angle that is more natural to the position of your hands. This alleviates the pressure on your wrists that normal keyboards create by making them turn outwards while typing. It also means you don’t have to reach as far for the keyboard, keeping your back straight and arms at your side, rather than in front of you.

Along with a keyboard usually comes a mouse, which also can have an ergonomic design. A vertical mouse prevents the over-rotation of your arm that a normal mouse creates. This reduces pressure on your forearm by keeping it above your desk.

Transform Your Desk

Boost your productivity and comfort with ergonomic equipment for posture in your office. A new chair, keyboard or mouse can promote better posture and relieve pain you feel while working. If your new equipment isn’t providing the results you’re hoping for, contact us as AIMS Clinic in East Brunswick, New Jersey to schedule an appointment today.

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