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The AIMS Clinic is synonymous with compassionate care. Our Team of Experts work together to provide each patient with the best integrated and customized treatment program available. We help eliminate pain, restore structural and muscular balance, reduce stress, increase energy and optimize health… naturally, with Alternative Medicine. Within our 8,000 square foot Pain and Wellness Center, we also offer wellness and preventive programs to promote healthy aging. Proudly, we have over 40 years of proven success in treating hard-to-diagnose and difficult-to-resolve health conditions.

The Clinic specializes in successfully treating chronic and often misdiagnosed conditions such as fibromyalgia, headaches, digestive disorders, anxiety, widespread inflammation and pain. Patients are amazed in the ability of our NJ Chiropractors to identify and eliminate symptoms that have puzzled and mystified other health care physicians. In addition, our Physical Therapy Clinic – located within the AIMS Clinic, helps to alleviate pain and speed recovery.

Patients choose the AIMS Clinic for a multitude of reasons:

  • Knowledge, experience and advanced training make our Team of Medical Doctors, Pain Management Specialist, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturist, Podiatrist and Nutritionist – Leaders in their field.
  • Health goals are usually achieved without drugs or surgery. If necessitated, short-term medication and trigger point injections are available, along with additional pain management options.
  • We treat you like family – with the same compassion and understanding vital to recovery. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff understands the frustration of your pain, and in some instances when family members, friends or co-workers doubt that your symptoms are real.
  • Education is vital. We take the time to explain the cause or causes of your health symptoms, along with the recommended treatment options. Whether you need physical therapy or are looking for an acupuncture center, together we discuss the goals of each therapy.
  • The AIMS Clinic Team Approach – Medical Physicians, Podiatrist, Chiropractic Physicians, Physical Therapists, Licensed Acupuncturist, and Registered Dietitian. Our experience in both conventional and holistic medicine, place us in a unique position to customize a treatment program tailored to correct physical, chemical and emotional imbalances.
  • As a “One Stop Health Clinic” – everything is under one roof! No need to travel from doctor to doctor to specialist. We offer diagnostic and neurological testing, alternative medicine, nutritional support and a state-of-the-art physical therapy rehabilitation center.
  • We realize your time is valuable! Our Patient Care Coordinators work with you to schedule your appointments around busy lifestyles. To accommodate our patients, we are open six days and 4 nights a week. Of course, emergency hours are available.

If you are in pain or looking for wellness, discover why our patients say we are the #1 Center for pain-relief and optimal health. If you are looking for a Physical Therapy Clinic … it’s here! If you are looking for an Acupuncture Center … it’s here. Whether you are suffering with acute or chronic pain, or low back pain, tendonitis or an occasional headache; we would like the opportunity to help you.

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