You are in pain or looking for wellness – you call the AIMS Clinic and healing begins with our Patient Care Coordinators – Carol and Jill. Compassion, knowledge and concern are felt… even over the telephone. Often these words are said:

“Tell me your story… Tell me how you got to this point. Tell me… so I can help.”

At the AIMS Clinic, we take the time to listen carefully and together we decide what the next step will be. After taking all factors into consideration, pain – as well as all health symptoms, previous treatments, proximity to the Clinic, time limitations and finance, it will be determined if a free consultation would be in your best interest.

Once a free consultation is decided upon, our Patient Care Coordinators become your Patient Care Coordinators. When you arrive, Carol or Jill will provide a tour of our 8,000 square foot Clinic and introduce you to our family of doctors, therapists and staff. Additional information will be requested to help with scheduling and billing. Of course, we are always happy to assist you with your Health History Form.

Our goal is to ensure that each and every patient receives the quality and compassionate care that is needed, as well as an understanding of his/her medical condition(s) and customized treatment program. Coordination helps to reduce costs (time and money) by reducing duplication of services. Everything is usually done in our Clinic – examination and evaluations, diagnostic testing, x-rays, lab work and treatment. Many of our patients refer to the AIMS Clinic as their, “One Stop Health Center” because everything is under one roof!

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