Certified Nutrition Specialist
Licensed Dietician Nutritionist

CarolannBreak free from dieting and eliminate many health conditions with the magic of real food! Replace rumors, myths, pills and fad diets with an understanding of why you are overweight, feeling lethargic and perhaps even depressed. A scientifically-proven, healthy eating program – customized for each and every individual is critical to preventing many diseases and optimizing health. This program must be practical and fit into a busy lifestyle. Often, people need assistance and support to accomplish health goals from a Specialist. For this reason, Carolann Cola Salinardo, MS, CNS, LDN joined the Team of Experts at The AIMS Clinic.

Carolann’s passion is to help people embrace wellness and live a healthier and happier life. As a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Licensed Dietician Nutritionist, she believes by incorporating healthy, delicious food, a regular exercise regiment and lifestyle modifications, success can be attained. It’s not simply a weight loss program – it’s a feel great program that can last a lifetime. She offers motivation, inspiration and hope; along with the latest discoveries in nutrition. Pounds come off, muscle tone is increased and a new vitality for life is achieved! Carolann prides herself in being available to her patients – either in person, via phone or email. Communication is vital!

Carolann Cola Salinardo, MS, CNS, LDN provides nutritional counseling to the Middlesex, Monmouth, Somerset, Mercer and Ocean Counties. She earned her Masters Degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Additional certifications include Metagenics First Line Therapy Certification and Designs for Health Professional Enhancement Course for Nutritionists.

Carolann was born and raised in Westchester, NY. In her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors, sports, cooking and spending time with her three daughters. If you are ready to learn about healthy eating, call and schedule a FREE Consultation. Discover the benefits of working together with Carolann Cola Salindas, MS, CNS, LDN.

“While I am mostly interested in what you are eating, I am also interested in when you are eating, and just as importantly, how you are eating.” – Carolann Cola Salinardo, MS, CNS, LDN


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