Could it be a Neuroma?

Does foot pain and numbness – usually in the ball or heel of the foot make it difficult for you to get through the day? You may even experience a burning, tingling or numbness in toes. Toes may cramp and … Continued

Are you suffering with Foot and Ankle Pain?

Chiropractic Treatments help alleviate pain Are you taking your feet for granted? Most of us walk 4 miles a day, stand for extended periods of time and often place our feet into non-supportive or ill-fitting shoes. At the end of … Continued



Is pain preventing you from walking? Are you having difficulty fitting into shoes? When stepping out of bed, do you have pain? There are many causes of foot pain: Overworked Feet · Repetitive Foot Activities · Sciatica · Flat Feet · Over Pronation of … Continued