Athletes can Reduce Risk of Injury

Whether you are an amateur sports enthusiast or a professional athlete – sports injuries occur. While each case is different, injuries are sustained due to poor warm-up and stretching techniques, poor posture, overtraining, a previous undetected injury or training incorrectly. … Continued

Growing Concern over Text Neck

If you are constantly looking down at your cell phone, tablet or other wireless device, then you are probably causing damage to your neck and/or experiencing neck pain. Unfortunately, looking down too often and for too long often results in … Continued

Treating Car Accident Injuries

Today more than ever, driving – especially in NJ comes with many considerations. Between roads that need repair, distracted drivers, holiday driving and drivers that are under the influence – it is no wonder that NJ has been named as … Continued

The Risks Associated With Pain Relievers

Discover alternative therapies for pain in NJ Pain medication statistics are alarming! In fact, from 1999 to 2013, prescription painkillers prescribed and sold in the US quadrupled, without any significant change in the amount of pain reported. Additionally, 34% of … Continued

Are You Causing Your Own Sore Neck?

Successful Neck Pain Relief offered in East Brunswick Are you suffering with a sore neck? As leading Specialists in non-invasive spine procedures and neck pain relief, the Doctors and Therapists of The AIMS Clinic have created a list of activities … Continued



One morning, you wake-up with a burning or tingling sensation in your neck. Perhaps it feels stiff or tender and you just can’t figure out why! Did you sleep “funny” or catch a draft on your neck? Maybe it was … Continued



TREAT THE PAIN OF YOUR WHIPLASH INJURY You’re sitting at a stop sign and all of a sudden… your car is hit! Your head whips forward (hyperflexion) then backwards (hyperextension) or vice versa; hence the non-medical term “whiplash”. When the … Continued