A Tip on How to Control Eating Habits

If you are feeling stressed and hungry, and looking for a tip on how to control eating habits… try a breathing technique. There are several breathing techniques that can help, especially the 4 – 7 – 8 Breathing Technique, developed by Dr. Andrew Weil. This technique has been known to help relieve stress and symptoms…


Do You Have a Fall Prevention Plan?

Falls… they happen too often! For this reason, we have created vital information with helpful tips to help people of all ages prevent a fall and possible injuries! A fall prevention plan begins with scheduling an appointment with your doctor. At this appointment you will want to discuss some of the following points and/or concerns…


How to Reduce Belly Fat Naturally

You try to eat right… you try to exercise… but, you just can’t get rid of those extra rolls around your stomach. Some refer to this as a spare tire or belly fat. Regardless of how it is called, people want to know how to lose belly fat, especially if it is affecting their health!…


Are You Ready For Summer?

Summer is the time many of us immerse ourselves into outdoor activities. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready due to chronic or acute pain, feeling tired, carrying around too much weight or consumed with stress – both physically and emotionally. We struggle with trying to find the best way to lose weight or find ways on…


Drug-Free Ways to Relieve Stress

There are many factors that affect our stress level. They may be work-related, or influenced by pain, poor nutrition, school performance, death of a loved one, employment/unemployment, alcohol, drugs… and the list goes on and on. Therefore, people of all ages are searching for stress reduction techniques. Fortunately, at The AIMS Clinic, we provide many…


Are you Searching for a Fibromyalgia Diet?

From a nutritional standpoint, to successfully treat Fibromyalgia, it is critical to look at controlling inflammation in the body. Three areas to focus on include: The digestive system – healing an inflamed or “leaky gut” Identifying food allergies and sensitivities Supporting the liver detoxification system Addressing Leaky Gut Syndrome This syndrome refers to an inflammation and…


Healthy Meal Planning For Your Family

It’s never to late… or to early to start eating healthy with a balanced diet. However, with so many conflicting reports and recommendations, it is often difficult to determine what one should eat. Adding to the equation, is the lack of time for meal preparation and temptation of “junk food”. We believe there is no…


Optimal Brain Health Through Nutrition

Are you looking for foods to prevent aging? People eat food for many different reasons – to keep hunger at bay, to fuel for a workout, to celebrate an occasion, to be healthy, etc. But, let’s not forget to “feed the brain” with proper nutrition. Food affects everything in our body and has a powerful…


Which Diet Plans Should You Consider?

Healthy meals encourage weight loss  Every year new diet plans claim you can lose a ton of weight and make you look like the next cover model of a fitness magazine. Every diet sounds just as magical and hopeful as the last. With so many diets around, it’s hard to figure out which one is…


How Can Pain and Body Aches be Reduced this Winter?

Discover the effects dehydration, poor nutrition and lack of exercise have on the body. It’s winter! Blustery wind, freezing temperatures, snow and ice can wreak havoc on our bodies. Many people experience symptoms, such as body aches, back and neck pain, dehydration, headaches and depression. However, there are many options and factors to help reduce…


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