Athletes can Reduce Risk of Injury

Whether you are an amateur sports enthusiast or a professional athlete – sports injuries occur. While each case is different, injuries are sustained due to poor warm-up and stretching techniques, poor posture, overtraining, a previous undetected injury or training incorrectly. In fact, an injury in one part of the body can manifest symptoms in other…


How to Enhance Athletic Performance… Naturally!

Participating in sports offers a world of benefits. Physical activity is linked to reducing the risk of 20+ illnesses – including some types of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Additional benefits include: Keeps us fit – physically and mentally. Helps burn extra calories and lose weight. When sports programs are implemented in schools, absenteeism and the…


Injury Prevention during the Fall Season

Tips to reduce sports injuries in NJ Where did the summer go? It is that time of year again when the schedule is jammed with school, sports, play dates, and weekend day trips! At times it feels like we cannot take a moment to rest with everything going on. With all of the fall beauty,…


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