Preventing Diabesity

Dr. Francine Kaufman coined the term Diabesity (Diabetes + Obesity) because both diabetes and obesity share many of the same underlying causes and treatments. It is defined as a metabolic dysfunction that can range from a mild blood sugar imbalance … Continued

How to Prevent Shrinking!

Aging… it happens to everyone! During this journey – hair, hearing, memory and muscle seem to “shrink”, along with height. Starting at about age 40, people typically lose about half an inch every ten years, with some faster shrinkage after … Continued

Reduce Winter Pain

It’s winter! Many people experience symptoms, such as back and neck pain, foot pain, headaches and depression. However, there are many tips to help reduce winter pain. Understanding the causes of winter pain allow us to make better choices. Stay … Continued

End Back Pain

The 2 Biggest Back Pain Mistakes Are: Doing nothing about it. Not knowing the cause! Unfortunately, 90% of Americans will have back pain at some point in their lives. This year, millions of Americans will experience a potentially debilitating back … Continued

Avoiding Holiday Injuries

The Doctors and Staff of The AIMS Clinic would like to wish all our patients a Happy and Healthy Holiday! A time to spend celebrating with friends and family – not suffering with pain. Below are some tips to avoid holiday … Continued

Fibromyalgia Facts

Fibromyalgia has a multitude of symptoms with almost as many myths! Many people want to know if it is a real disease or is it all in your head? One reason for confusion is that Fibromyalgia can not be identified … Continued

The Wonders of Walking

In a recent survey, 90% of adults (aged 44-56) listed walking as their favorite form of exercise! Why walking? It’s easy on your joints. Improves blood circulation. Allows the heart to pump blood more efficiently. Helps tone muscles in legs, … Continued

Having a Healthy Halloween

Fall is finally here, which means that Halloween is just around the corner – time to get pumpkins, costumes and candy! Halloween is known for the copious amounts of candy and treats given out not only to kids, but kept … Continued

Proper Lifting and Moving Techniques

October Is National Physical Therapy Month! Below are some tips from our Physical Therapy Center: Don’t try to move a load that is too big or too heavy by yourself! Reduce the weight of the load! Lift the load with … Continued