Guillerma Florentino, PT Guillerma Florentino or “Emma”, as she is known by many of her patients, attended Perpetual Help College of Medicine, Philippines where she received her B.S. in Physical Therapy. For the last twenty years, Emma has dedicated herself to helping patients suffering with joint and soft tissue injuries, work related injuries, as well as those experiencing musculoskeletal and pain syndromes.

“I was suffering with bone spurs in my foot, hip pain and scoliosis.  Thanks to the wonderful treatment program created for me by Guillerma – also known as Emma, I feel fantastic!” – D.D.

As a Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Specialist, Emma is trained in a variety of Therapeutic Exercises and treatment options. Passive Therapies (Moist Heat, Cold Therapy, Electric Muscle Stimulation, Mechanical Traction, Ultrasound and Tens Unit) and Active Therapies (Stretching Exercises, Strengthening Exercises and/or Low Impact Aerobic Conditioning) treat a multitude of health concerns. Therapeutic Exercises may include Range-Of-Motion/Stretching Exercises to help maintain normal joint movement, relieve stiffness and increase flexibility; Strengthening Exercises to help increase muscle strength, prevent further injury and bone deterioration; and endurance/aerobic exercises to help improve cardiovascular fitness, control weight and improve overall function. In additional to traditional physical therapy treatment options, Emma provides Taping/Corrective Techniques for stabilization and Spray and Stretch Techniques to reduce muscle tightness and muscle spasms, as well as to increase range of motion.

“I was suffering with constant right shoulder pain.  My pain was a 10, on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest.  I started my treatment program with Emma, who has been just perfect!  I can now say I am pain-free. I didn’t know I could feel this good! ” – N.Z.


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