Symptoms for Headache Pain Vary

A headache refers to pain anywhere in the head. It may be located:
• Above the eyes or ears
• Behind the head
• Top of the head
• Back of the upper neck

In addition, symptoms for headache pain may include:
• Nausea and/or vomiting
• Dizziness or vertigo
• Photophobia (eye pain when looking at bright lights
• Tenderness or tightness in the scalp or head

There are also symptoms of concern, which may necessitate immediate care, especially after a head trauma. These include facial numbness, slurred speech, confusion, fever, convulsion and weakness in an arm or leg.

Breaking it down…

Primary Headaches (over 90% of all headaches)
Tension Headache – also referred to as a stress headache or muscle-contraction headache, is the most common type of headache in this category. A tension headache may begin between the ages of 9 and 12 and strike more regularly during middle age. Pain intensity may range from mild to moderate bilateral pain (both sides of the head and neck) and last for a few hours to several weeks or months – with only short periods of relief. Patients often describe their symptoms as:
1. A constant, steady pain and pressure
2. Achy or dull pain
3. Feels like a tight band of pressure that circles around the head, with more intense pain above the eyes.
4. Head and/or neck muscles are tight
5. Grinding or clenching of teeth may occur

Migraines (common and classic), affect about 28 million Americans of all ages, and may begin as early as age 5. Symptoms of each include:
1. Common Migraine: Nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound. Pain is usually unilateral (one-sided) and may be severe or deep throbbing – lasting for 2 – 4 days.
2. Classic Migraine: Very severe pain that lasts for 24 hours. Often an aura – blurriness, zigzag lines or flashes of light occur first. Additionally, nausea, vomiting, cold hands and feet may be experienced.

• Cluster Headaches: Also known as a, “mini-migraine” or “histamine headache” usually attacks at the same time of day for several weeks, months or years. Pain may be severe, sharp and steady on one side of the head. Often occurs a few hours after falling asleep – during the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep. Swelling and tearing in the eye, along with a stuffy or runny nose may be experienced.

Secondary Headaches (caused by other diseases)
Secondary headaches account for less than 10% of headaches. Symptoms include:
• Pain in the forehead and behind the eyes
• A dull, throbbing pain in the sinus cavities (located in the cheekbones), forehead and across the bridge of the nose.
• Facial swelling
• Nasal discharge
• A feeling of fullness in the ears
• Fever

Cranial Neuralgias, Facial Pain, and other Headaches:
Attacks may repeat or come and go throughout the day and last for days, weeks or months at a time. Headaches can disappear for months or years before returning. Symptoms include:
• Pain on one or both sides of the jaw or cheek
• Facial pain
• Facial muscle weakness
• Facial muscle numbness
• Feeling of facial fullness
• Eye pain

So, symptoms for headache pain vary and do overlap. Therefore, seeking care with our Team of Experts is vital!

Headache Pain Causes

As painful as they are, just killing the pain is not the solution. Headache pain causes must be determined! For over 40 years, The AIMS Clinic has been able to detect and correct the cause or factors of headaches for thousands of patients. Like symptoms, causes are numerous and include:
• Poor posture, which can lead to neck and/or back strain
• Spinal misalignment (subluxation)
• Muscular imbalances
• A blow to the head (trauma), whiplash or slip and fall.
• Changes in sleep pattern
• Hormonal imbalances – including pregnancy, menstrual cycle and menopause.
• Chemical imbalances (toxins, allergens, yeast)
• Stress
• Underlying health condition
• Skipping meals
• Hypoglycemia
• Diet (including caffeine withdrawal), dehydration, alcohol
• Illness, infection or cold
• Eye strain
• Weather changes
• Medication, medication rebound
• Genetics

Headache Pain Causes and Symptoms

People of all ages come to The AIMS Clinic in an effort to understand their headache pain causes and symptoms. Whether you are suffering with a stress headache, migraine or cluster headache… we would like to help you.

Call New Jersey’s own AIMS Clinic today at (732) 254-5553 and receive a FREE Initial Consultation. Our goal is to provide the most advanced and compassionate pain relief. Our Team of Experts and friendly staff, located in East Brunswick, NJ will help you reduce or eliminate pain and improve function. As our patient, we will teach you how to regain your health with our revolutionary treatment programs.


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