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Arm Pain
Anyone suffering with a sore arm should consider having an evaluation, to determine if care is needed.

Our innovative treatment program can help reduce pain and stiffness, keep joints working and moving well and prevent further joint damage… even perhaps disability.
home-back-painBack Pain
Life is too short to live with back pain! After a few short weeks of treatment, you can begin to get on with the rest of your life, as you rid yourself of the back pain you’re suffering with.
Bunion Pain
Providing help for those suffering with bunion pain.
Feeling “sick and tired”? Our team of highly trained medical doctors can help you find out if your conditions are yeast related and the best course of treatment for you.
home-carpal-tunnel-painCarpal Tunnel Syndrome
Simple daily exercises are key to preventing carpal tunnel syndrome. In pain? A customized treatment program of Pain Management, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture and/or Nutritional Counseling can be created for you.
home-chronic-fatigue-syndromeChronic Fatigue Syndrome
Feeling rundown, overwhelmed, irritable and depressed? Suffering with muscle soreness, poor memory/concentration, headaches, swollen lymph nodes or a sore throat? You may have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; at the AIMS Clinic we can help.
Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, amputations, kidney failure, heart failure and stroke – claiming the life of 1 American every 3 minutes. If you have diabetes, call today for a customized treatment program.
You hurt all over, your muscles are so stiff in the morning that it is hard to get started. Discover our innovative fibromyalgia treatment program and find relief for your pain.
foot-pain-njFoot Pain
On average, people take 5,000 steps a day. If you are looking for foot pain relief, our Healthcare Team can help by offering Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Trigger Point Injections.
Don’t Give Up! Perhaps you need a Team approach to integrate and restore chemical and physical balance. Find effective, non-invasive treatment for constant headache pain at the AIMS Clinic.
home-heart-diseaseHeart Disease
Cardiovascular disease is the cause of more deaths than the next five causes of death combined – cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases, accidents, diabetes mellitus and flu/pneumonia. But, there is good news… most of the factors that contribute to heart disease are under your control.
home-heal-painHeel Pain
All you want to do is stand up and walk without heel pain! Most likely, heel pain is restricting activities that you would normally enjoy… golf, tennis or skiing. Every step you take, should not come with pain!.
home-herniated-disc-painHerniated Disc
Reduce pain and inflammation, maximize energy and improve mobility and strength with our non-surgical treatment program. Learn proper posture and body movements, in order to avoid back strain and a herniated disc.
hip-pain-smallHip Pain
You’re twisting or crossing your legs and all of a sudden… HIP PAIN! You could be sound asleep and hip pain suddenly wakes you up – preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep.
Are you suffering with fatigue, decreased energy and stamina; nervousness, depression or anxiety; cold hands or feet, skin problems, hair loss, insomnia, aches and pains or a tendency to gain weight? Your symptoms may be due to a thyroid problem… an overactive thyroid (Hyperthyroidism), which is more common or an underactive thyroid (Hypothyroidism).
Are you suffering with severe abdominal pain or discomfort? Perhaps it’s time to learn more about Irritable Bowel Syndrome and our IBS Treatment Program.
home-knee-painKnee Pain
Getting professional knee pain treatment is a key factor to a healthy recovery from knee pain. We’ve assembled a unique team of highly qualified Board Certified Medical Specialists and Therapists to deliver the areas highest rated knee pain relief.
home-muscle-spasmMuscle Spasms
Have you felt a painful tightness in your back when getting out of bed, in your neck after sitting at your computer for an extended amount of time or in your leg after doing a little too much vacuuming? These symptoms can occur when a muscle becomes rigid, contracts involuntarily and goes into spasm.
home-neck-painNeck Pain
We are the premier non-surgical spine clinic offering the most effective tools for treating acute and chronic neck pain. Our healthcare team works together to create customized treatment programs, which result in lasting neck pain relief.
home-pinched-nervePinched Nerve
Early diagnosis and treatment are the best ways to begin correcting a pinched nerve. If you are looking for non-surgical options, we can help. Discover our innovative pinched nerve treatment program at the AIMS Clinic, and perhaps… avoid surgery.
home-plantar-fasciitisPlantar Fasciitis
Alleviate the burning, stabbing, aching pain you feel when you step out of bed in the morning, with a customized treatment program.

Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome is a common neurological disorder, which affects as many as 30 million people in the US.

shoulder-pain-njRotator Cuff

Whether arm weakness is experienced or there is a dull ache deep in the shoulder, it is imperative to have the arm/shoulder evaluated by a trained professional.
Discover how our unique combination of non-surgical medical procedures, chiropractic manipulation, physical therapy, acupuncture and nutritional support are revolutionizing the treatment for sciatica.
Fight the war against scoliosis. Consult with one of our highly-trained, medical professionals as to the best course of treatment. What you don’t know… can hurt you or your child!
home-shoulder-painShoulder Pain
Rid yourself of shoulder pain with our Team Approach. Our healthcare team has designed a proven program to successfully treat patients with shoulder pain.
home-sports-injurySports Injuries
Sports injury pain relief is a major reason patients come to treat at the AIMS Clinic. Our Team of Experts will help you reduce or eliminate pain and improve function. We will teach you how to regain your health with our revolutionary new treatment program.
At AIMS, we specialize in detecting and correcting physical, chemical and emotional stress factors, without drugs or surgery. Customized treatment programs are available.
Whiplash is a very painful condition. With proper care and rehabilitation, you can regain your health quickly and get on with the rest of your life.
home-weight-lossWeight Loss
It is important to realize that there is no “one-size fits all” diet, although there are several guidelines that can be applied to most individuals. At AIMS, we use scientifically based and safe methods that result in quick, healthy and inexpensive weight loss

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