Successfully Detecting Causes of Knee Pain in Central NJ : The AIMS Clinic provides answers for Knee Problems

The AIMS Clinic has assembled a Team of Experts to help those suffering with knee problems. It is vital to understand the causes of knee pain in order to properly treat the symptoms and prevent a recurrence.

Unfortunately, if you have pain in the knee – you are not alone. According to recent reports, as many as 26% of adults in the U.S. have some sort of leg and knee condition. In addition, for those in their mid-fifties, the percentage goes up to 33%!

Most patients – children, adults and seniors, describe their knee problems as:
· The knee joint often locks or gives out
· Swelling or tenderness in the knee area
· While moving, there is a grinding or popping sound
· Pain in the knee that causes them to walk with a limp

The symptoms listed above may come on suddenly or escalate over time. If you are experiencing pain, it is vital to understand the reason why you are suffering.

Common and often hidden Knee Pain Causes

Whether you have been involved in a slip-and-fall, automobile accident or sports injury – knee pain and swelling can result. Many of us “over-do” at the gym or push ourselves while enjoying outdoor activities. Vigorous or repetitive movement may result in knee problems, along with many other knee pain causes:
· Poor posture
· Weak core muscles
· Abnormal alignment of the spine, foot or lower leg
· Poor footwear, harsh surfaces
· Not stretching, warming up or cooling down
· Existing health conditions, such as various forms of arthritis.
· Osgood-Schlatter Disease (usually seen in adolescents)
· Pronated Feet, Flat Feet, High Arch Feet or excessively Supinated Feet

At times, pain that appears to be coming from the knee may actually be originating from another area – such as the low back, hip, pelvis, foot and ankle. By working with a multidisciplinary Team, causes of knee pain are easily detected. If you are suffering with knee problems alone or knee pain and swelling, please schedule a free consultation today by calling 732-254-5553. Once we determine your knee pain causes, then we can create a customized treatment program for you!


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