knee-pain-ptMany people come to The AIMS Clinic seeking chronic knee pain treatment – desperate to eliminate pain. Surgery and drugs are an option they want to avoid. Luckily, those suffering with knee pain have discovered The AIMS Clinic Team of Experts. Together, we can customize a knee pain treatment program to reduce or in many cases… eliminate knee pain – once and for all!

Knee pain relief begins with an-depth consultation!

In addition to our state-of-the-art chronic knee pain treatment and therapies, we pride ourselves on truly listening and understanding each patient’s daily struggle with pain. In order to move forward with care, we need to understand if there were previous injuries, as well as any type of activities, hobbies or actions that may place stress on the knee. Is the patient a fitness instructor, a teacher standing on his/her knees all day, a construction worker or gardener? Is there a lot of lifting, carrying or pushing? And finally, what treatments have already been tried… but failed? Taking the time to explore possible factors and previous treatments is key to knee pain relief.

As a multi-disciplinary Center, we offer many knee pain treatment options – many of which are integrated together to expedite healing. Options include:

Physical Therapy: A combination of stretches and exercises to increase strength, range-of-motion and muscle endurance, in addition to various therapies (ice/heat therapies, electric stimulation, and ultrasound) and taping are provided.

Chiropractic: Physical manipulation, ice/heat therapies, electric stimulation, massage and TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) are some of the options available for knee pain relief. Once discharged, maintenance visits can help prevent a recurrence.

Acupuncture: Provides an extra boost of healing, especially for those seeking a knee pain solution. Pain is often reduced, endorphins increased, function improves and stress is reduced.

Podiatry: To help improve posture, balance and enhance chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy and acupuncture treatments – custom orthotics or braces are available to help correct any abnormal alignment of the foot or leg.

Nutritional Counseling: It is important to maintain a healthy weight, stay hydrated and properly feed your muscles to reach optimal health. By working with our Medical Doctor and Certified Nutrition Specialist, realistic goals are often reached.

Lifestyle Recommendations: As part of the patient’s customized knee pain treatment program, we provide recommendations to help maintain a pain-free life. Recommendations include home and work environment modifications, proper posture guidelines and supportive footwear suggestions.

If you are looking for a knee pain solution, help is available. Do not suffer, do not wait! Please schedule a FREE consultation to see if we can help you find the knee pain relief you are seeking. Discover compassionate, customized chronic knee pain treatment with our Team of Experts at The AIMS Clinic.


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