Male or Female Chiropractor?

Are you seeking chiropractic treatment?

At The AIMS Clinic, our premier Chiropractic Team includes male chiropractors and a female chiropractor – providing the best research-based chiropractic treatment. Compassionate care, along with our knowledge, skill and experience has helped thousands of patients eliminate pain and resume an active lifestyle, without drugs or surgery!

Over the last forty years, some patients have stated a preference as to the gender of their treating chiropractor. A few patients have requested a male chiropractor and a few patients have requested a female chiropractor – usually due to religious, cultural or social concerns. While the gender of your chiropractor does not impact the quality of chiropractic treatment received, we try to respect all requests. Our goal is to make every patient at ease discussing sensitive concerns, as well as during each treatment session.

What you need to know about Chiropractic Manipulation:

There are various treatment techniques offered at The AIMS Clinic – ranging from a light to firm adjustment. Chiropractic manipulation is not about physical strength or size… it is about understanding how the spine works. The highly-trained chiropractors at our 8,000 sq. ft. Center are experts in the non-invasive treatment of muscles, ligaments, joints, spinal discs and spinal nerves. Our patients range from babies to children to adults – males and females, and come in all sizes. Moms, dads, office workers, athletes, teachers, bus drivers and those entering their golden years are able to benefit from the chiropractic treatment we provide.

A female Chiropractor and Certified Clinical Nutritionist

According to recent reports, 20% of all chiropractors are women. The Doctors and Staff of The AIMS Clinic are thrilled to have Dr. Amna Rahmat, a female chiropractor as part of our amazing Chiropractic Team. In addition to receiving her Doctor of Chiropractic, she earned a postgraduate degree, as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. Dr. Rahmat explains how chiropractic and nutrition work together to reduce pain and maintain an active lifestyle.

Receive personalized chiropractic care for your unique health needs!

If you are looking for chiropractic treatment, all of our chiropractors are experts at finding the cause of health issues… not just treating symptoms. Every patient receives a one-on-one consultation, in-depth health history analysis, structural examination and evaluation, in order to customize an appropriate treatment program.

We pride ourselves on being able to connect with our patients and provide successful treatment on a multitude of issues including:

  • Acute and Chronic Pain
  • Pregnancy
  • Pediatric Healthcare
  • Stress
  • Balance Problems

Whether you are looking for a chiropractor with a focus on body building, one who has vast experience with automobile injuries, someone with a focus on nutrition… or simply a family chiropractor to keep you and your family healthy… we can help! Our approach takes a close look at your lifestyle, amount of exercise presently engaged in, nutrition and emotional well-being. If necessitated, Physical Therapy, Podiatry, Nutrition and Acupuncture can be integrated into a customized treatment program. While most patients do not need all of our treatment options, having a full range of services allows us to minimize pain and maximize healing.

We pride ourselves on respecting each patient’s needs or requirements at all times. In addition, our diverse Healthcare Team provides communication in many languages, including Gujarati, Hindi, Greek and Spanish.

To learn more or schedule a FREE Consultation, please call (732) 254-5553 and speak with one of our Patient Care Coordinators. Discover our approach, learn about chiropractic manipulation and receive compassionate care. Once a patient comes in for chiropractic treatment, we often become their family chiropractor.

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