Almost every day, people of all ages come to The AIMS Clinic looking for neck pain relief. Athletes who overdid it a bit or have sustained an injury, teenagers suffering with text-neck, others who have been involved in a whiplash injury and some just woke up with a stiff neck. The bottom line is to find successful neck pain treatment. Medication is not working and those suffering find themselves unable to work and/or enjoy activities with family and friends.
Working with our Team of Experts has helped thousands of people find neck pain relief. Our neck pain treatment options are customized – taking lifestyle factors into account. In addition, our Patient Care Coordinators and Billing Specialists help guide you through your journey back to health.

How to relieve neck pain… first find the cause!

The first step to neck pain relief is to sit down with our Clinic Director for a Free Consultation. He will ask you questions about your symptoms, the history of your neck pain, what type of treatments you have tried – including medication and neck exercises, and how your pain has affected your life and the lives of your family. Understanding what you have gone through is crucial. Patients often remark how amazed and thrilled they are when our doctors spend so much time with them and really listen!
If together, it is decided that we are a good fit, then a muscular and structural examination will begin. These findings will help to answer the question, “How to relieve neck pain.” Based upon findings, other testing or evaluations may be necessitated. The AIMS Clinic has on-site digital x-rays.

The AIMS Clinic Neck Pain Treatment Options

Have you rested in bed, tried over-the-counter or prescription medication, or went from your primary care doctor to a specialist… without finding neck pain relief? You’re not alone! Many people come to us because they have heard about our success when treating neck pain. Our neck pain treatment options have allowed people to resume their active lifestyle – without drugs or surgery!
Our Team of Experts will work together to develop a neck pain treatment program. Some of the following neck pain treatment options may be integrated together to provide neck pain relief:
· Physical Therapy: There are various treatments utilized for pain – passive physical therapy (modalities done to the patient) – ice, heat, electric stimulation, ultrasound, taping, soft tissue massage and traction, and active physical therapy (stretching and strengthening neck exercises and low impact aerobics) to rehabilitate the spine. All exercises are done on a gradient level to avoid strain. In addition, our Physical Therapists may recommend assistive devises and use functional training to help patients with daily activities. This includes a healthy posture program to keep the spine in safe alignment, and reduce strain on the joints and soft tissues around the spine.
· Chiropractic Care: By manually applying a controlled adjustment to joints that have become restricted by muscle injury, strain, inflammation and/or pain, patients find that their pain is relieved, muscle tightness is reduced and healing begins. Some patients benefit from spinal decompression – which gently stretches the spine to take pressure off spinal discs.
· Acupuncture: Whether you are suffering with a whiplash or a degenerative neck disorder, Acupuncture at The AIMS Clinic has been demonstrated to offer neck pain relief.
· Podiatry: The feet hold the body up. Sometimes, people experiencing neck pain – suffer due to an imbalance in the feet. Treatment options may include custom molded orthotics and bracing, castings, tapings, strappings and footwear evaluation.

Our Team of Specialists may also recommend the use of a cervical pillow when sleeping, staying hydrated by drinking the proper amount of water based upon lifestyle, a healthy diet to prevent inflammation and to maintain an ideal weight, and the use of Biofreeze – a topical analgesic, which uses the cooling effect of menthol, a natural pain reliever, to soothe minor muscle and joint pain.

The AIMS Clinic is the premier, non-surgical Center offering effective tools for treating acute and chronic neck pain. Our Healthcare Team works together to customize treatment programs to provide lasting neck pain relief.

Call 732-254-5553 and schedule a FREE Consultation. Let us speak with you and discuss how to relieve neck pain by creating a neck pain treatment program just for you!


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