Acupuncture Treatment: What To Expect When You See Our Acupuncturist

Acupuncture treatment can be a daunting adventure, especially if it’s your first time. Many first time clients arrive with concerns about the unknown.

  • Does acupuncture work?
  • How could it truly be painless?
  • Will I have to disrobe?

At The AIMS Clinic, we get these questions on a regular basis. We want you to arrive at our acupuncture clinic free of nerves and excited about your treatment. Allow us to walk you through your first visit.

Meeting Your Acupuncturist: Creating an Alliance for Wellness

Our acupuncture treatment specialist sees each patient as a unique individual. First, we want to learn more about you – your general health, overall lifestyle and health priorities.  Simply put, we want to understand all the factors that led you to our clinic to seek care.  Our acupuncturist will discuss the following with you:

  • Past Medical History: Are there any pre-existing conditions? Have you had any surgeries? Are you in overall good health?
  • Lifestyle Questions: Do you smoke, drink or take medication? Are you active or sedentary? What does your diet consist of?
  • Concerns and Goals: What brought you to the clinic? What are your concerns? What are your goals for treatment?

Acupuncture Treatment: What To Expect

Once our acupuncturist understands your concerns and goals, the treatment begins. We recommend that patients arrive in loose fitting clothing, avoid strenuous activity for an hour before and after a treatment, and refrain from eating immediately prior to a visit. Patients will be asked to disrobe the area that requires treatment.

Because all of our treatments are tailored to your unique needs, they vary slightly from patient to patient. Once treatment begins, the acupuncturist inserts a series of tiny sterilized needles into a set of targeted areas of the body. Upon insertion, some patients may feel a slight momentary pinch or a warm tingly sensation. As the treatment proceeds, you may feel relaxed, and even fall asleep. As soon as all needles are in place, the acupuncturist will leave the room to allow time for the treatment to become effective. This ranges from 40 – 50 minutes. During this time, the acupuncturist may come in to see your progress. The needles are then removed and you can be on your way.

Does acupuncture work? Our staff and patients believe in the power of traditional Eastern medicine. Why not come in and see for yourself. To learn more about our acupuncture clinic, or to schedule an appointment, contact us at (732)254-5553.

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