AIMS Chiropractic Techniques Help Eliminate Pain

Feel energized with safe and effective chiropractic treatments!

At the AIMS Clinic, our Chiropractic Physicians are all members of the ANJC (Association of NJ Chiropractors) and have over 125 years of combined experience to offer our patients. We take pride in providing chiropractic treatments for a variety of spinal related conditions – neck and back pain, headaches and migraines, shoulder and arm pain, back pain, hip pain, sciatica, leg and foot pain, disc disorders and pinched nerves, to name a few. Discover advanced spinal correction using state-of-the-art chiropractic techniques at our award winning Wellness Center. Now more than ever, chiropractic care is safe, comfortable and effective for people of all ages, who are starting on their journey towards wellness.

Whether you are looking for spinal stenosis treatments or effective treatments for an injury sustained due to automobile or sports injuries, many chiropractic options exist:

  • Diversified Technique: Focuses on restoring normal biomechanical function and correction of subluxation, as well as adjusting extremity joints – effective in treating sports and other injuries.  A high-velocity, low-amplitude (HVLA) thrust results in an audible “pop” as chiropractic adjustments / manipulations are performed.
  • Spinal Decompression: This technique involves a gentle adjustment, designed to adjust vertebrae by stretching the lower spine, usually in a series of repetitive slow movements – similar to a rocking motion, using a traction table. This is one of the chiropractic treatments used to relieve pain and promote optimal healing for bulging, degenerating and herniated discs.
  • Activator Method: A hand-held, spring-loaded instrument which delivers a consistent low-force, high-speed chiropractic adjustments. There are advantages to utilizing this method – the body’s muscles are less likely to tense in response and because the applied force is localized, it does not add any additional torque or bending movement to the joint.
  • Sacral Occipital Technique (SOT): A method of normalizing the relationship between both ends of the spine – the pelvis and the head. Triangular-shaped blocks may be placed under the pelvis, allowing gravity – with some low force assistance by the chiropractic physician – to realign the pelvis, thus helping to treat problems in the lower back. By correcting imbalances, communication is improved along the entire spinal column.

The Chiropractic Physicians at the AIMS Clinic® have successfully freed thousands of people from pain. With proper application of therapies, spinal stenosis treatment and other techniques, inflammation can be reduced, subluxations removed and communication improved throughout the body. Discover how spinal decompression or some of the AIMS Clinic treatment options can help you.







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