What you Need to Know about a Knee Injury

Relief for Chronic Knee Pain in NJ

Is knee pain limiting your daily or sporting activities? Are you taking pain-killers with little or no relief? Do you find yourself resting in bed, but your pain remains? Perhaps you sustained a knee injury or simply woke up one morning with pain. If you are suffering with chronic knee pain, it is vital to have a thorough evaluation and a customized treatment program – just like our patient below.

“I was suffering with knee pain.  I felt like I was becoming an invalid.  After my treatment program of Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, I can now say I am pain free and I feel like a different person!” – RK

Many people who search for a doctor for knee pain come to The AIMS Clinic. Often they notice redness, swelling or tenderness around the knee; hear a grinding or popping sound while moving, start to limp or find their knee joint locks or “gives out”. If you are unable to fully extend or bend your knee, have a change in your gait or experience pain in areas near the knee (hip, thigh, lower leg, ankle or toes), now is the time to understand why this has happened, correct the problem and prevent a knee injury from recurring.

There are numerous factors that can increase the risk of developing chronic knee pain. These include:

  • Excessive weight
  • Biomechanical problems (misaligned knees, flat feet, short leg)
  • Lack of muscle flexibility or strength
  • Certain sports or vigorous exercise (skiing, basketball, tennis, running)
  • Overuse Injury (knee ligament injury, knee cartilage tears)
  • Previous Injury
  • Medical Conditions (arthritis, gout, infections)

Minor knee pain, redness and stiffness may respond well to self-care home treatment. Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate (RICE), avoid high impact exercise, do not smoke – slows healing, gently massage area (if does not cause pain) and/or certain exercises for knee pain to maintain flexibility are often successful. Also, for proper leg alignment and balance, wear “good” shoes that fit well. However, if symptoms continue or worsen, diagnostic testing and additional treatment may be necessitated to prevent chronic knee pain.

Our doctor for knee pain will review the patient’s health history, x-rays and/or MRI findings, conduct a structural evaluation and muscular examination. Once a diagnosis is made, recovery can begin.

Treatment options or knee pain management therapy often integrate pain management, physical therapy, chiropractic and/or acupuncture. Luckily for our patients, these treatments are all available within our 8,000 square foot Center.

To normalize joint function (reduce pain, improve function and increase mobility of the knee joint) – chiropractic manipulation, deep soft tissue massage and trigger point therapy may be recommended by our doctor for knee pain. Our Team of Physical Therapists and Chiropractic Physicians may suggest the use of a support or sports taping, along with ice and ultrasound to reduce pain and joint inflammation. In addition, there will be a focus on balance, which is often improved with custom orthotics. A customized rehabilitation program may include, exercises for knee pain – such as quadricep, hamstring, calf strengthening exercises and/or low-impact cardiovascular exercises to improve strength, increase endurance, improve stability and help prevent another knee injury.

As an integrated Clinic, our Registered Dietitian can create an anti-inflammatory diet to help increase antioxidants, which may help to prevent knee osteoarthritis. She also helps many patients reach a healthy weight, alleviating additional strain on joints, which can reduce the risk of injuries and osteoarthritis.

One last treatment option that is part of many patients’ recovery includes acupuncture. According to research, acupuncture not only allows the body to relax and de-stress, it may also help to relieve knee pain caused by osteoarthritis.

If you want to learn more about knee pain management or how to prevent knee injuries, out Healthcare Team is here to help. We are all located under one roof, minimizing your time and maximizing care. Let us help you reduce or eliminate chronic knee pain.


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