Trigger Point Injections Can Help Trigger Point Pain


Are you suffering with pain in your neck, back or shoulder? Are you experiencing headaches or dizziness?  Have you been diagnosed with sciatica or tennis elbow? Has depression set in? The cause of these symptoms or conditions may be due to Trigger Points.

A trigger point or “Myofascial Trigger Point” is a localized, irritable, tight band of muscle that causes a considerable amount of pain, simply because it will not relax. This is a small knot, an area of spasm, located within a muscle, which if left untreated, may result in chronic pain and stiffness for many years. Trigger points can come on suddenly and then magically disappear and reappear, or they may remain for hours, days or months at a time.

trigger-point-therapyA trigger point or knot of muscle that forms when a muscle does not relax, may feel as small as a pea or as large as a thumb – located deep within a muscle. A trigger point may be tender to the touch, cause a shortening of a muscle and lead to range of motion limitation. In addition, when a trigger point is pressed, it may refer pain over to another part of the body – known as “referred pain”. For example, a headache may be the result of a trigger point on the side of the neck. Referred pain from a trigger point may be mild, burning or severe – leaving one incapacitated.

Trigger points can develop as a result of a traumatic injury to a muscle, strain due to repetitive use (overuse or misuse of a muscle), poor posture, stress, herniated disc or other spinal problems (short leg, flat feet, sciatica). Other factors include hormonal imbalances, allergens and toxins, prescription medication and infections.

Trigger points can affect mobility and posture, compromise normal movement patterns, lead to soft tissue dysfunction and additional trigger points. At the AIMS Clinic, several treatment options are trigger-point-therapy-neck-painoffered, such as a Trigger Point Injections (TPIs). During a TPI procedure, a member of our Medical Division, injects a local anesthetic (lidocaine) into a trigger point. Relaxing the muscle, improves blood flow and speeds healing. As Trigger Point Therapy progresses, the trigger point becomes inactive and pain is alleviated. Several sites may be injected during the medical visit and should take no more than a few minutes. Most patients receive an initial series of trigger point injections, which may be repeated several weeks later.

Trigger point injections are just one component of a customized program. It is important to correct any structural, muscular and/or chemical factors associated with trigger point pain. Physical therapy and regular exercise, along with chiropractic care to correct spinal imbalances and nutritional support may be recommended. Patients who receive trigger point injections are able to quickly begin physical therapy and/or chiropractic care… to restore balance and end pain.

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