What is Subluxation?

Doctor Holding Spine ModelWhen something isn’t quite right with your spine, it can affect not just your back, but your overall health, as well. With a spinal subluxation, or a misalignment of vertebral joints, that’s precisely what happens. If you’re experiencing back or neck pain and suspect your spine may be out of alignment, seek treatment from the highly trained and experienced chiropractors at AIMS Clinic in East Brunswick, NJ.

Symptoms of Subluxation
Most patients with a subluxation come into AIMS Clinic seeking relief from back or neck pain. Many have tried at-home treatments to manage the pain, but nothing has worked. The chiropractor starts by conducting a thorough physical exam and evaluation to gauge their pain level, mobility and overall health to help determine what might be going on. It’s common for patients to also report having frequent headaches, a decreased range of motion and stiffness, as well as a host of other physiological problems depending on where the subluxation is located along the spinal column.

Causes of Subluxation
Slight vertebral misalignments and partial dislocations can occur for a variety of different reasons. For some patients, a subluxation is caused by some sort of trauma to the spine, such as a car accident or fall. For others, it may be due to poor posture, over-extension, improper lifting or even stress. As the spine becomes affected, it can disrupt or distort the body’s energy flow and irritate the sensitive spinal nerve roots, negatively impacting other parts of the body.

Treating Subluxation
By taking care of a subluxation, chiropractors are able to improve communication throughout the body. Excess pressure and tension are removed from the nerves and circulation can flow freely. Treatment typically involves something called a manual spinal adjustment. As the adjustment is performed, the chiropractor uses his or her hands to manipulate and realign the spine into proper positioning. As a result, patients can enjoy pain relief, improved mobility and better overall health.

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