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teachers-photoEducators have the opportunity to make a huge impact on their students – however, they face many challenges, which may result in low back, neck and shoulder pain; tired feet, aching legs, headaches, insomnia and stress. Often, the number one concern for teachers is back pain when standing.

Whether you’re a nursery school teacher or a college professor, job-related challenges can be reduced or avoided, especially if you know how to improve posture.

Challenges include:

  • Teachers often stand “lecture-style” for extended hours, placing an extra burden on the low back and legs, which may lead to poor posture. Additionally, hard unforgiving surfaces can take their toll after prolonged standing.
  • Bending or stooping over children at their desks.
  • Sitting down for long periods when grading assignments.
  • Lifting or carrying small children, heavy equipment (OHPs) or paperwork. Proper lifting techniques are vital to injury prevention.
  • Teachers in primary and early-year classrooms can spend an average of 20,000 hours sitting on furniture designed for children during their 30-year career. In addition, teachers may be utilizing extra-low sinks and child-height computers and whiteboards – not to mention, sitting on the floor with students. Is there really any question why back pain when standing is experienced?
  • Stress, especially if you are a first year teacher learning the curriculum, how to write lesson plans, classroom management and paperwork. Stress may prevent getting a good night’s sleep, resulting in the search for remedies for insomnia.
  • Spreading of germs on surfaces – desks, cafeteria tables and doorknobs.

Teachers can improve their health by implementing the recommendations listed below:

  • Use a specially designed chair or floor cushion for low seating.
  • Use a high stool instead of standing for hours.
  • Use a height adjustable table.
  • Transport heavy paperwork or equipment on a wheeled trolley.
  • Stretch and move frequently – get up and walk around every 20 minutes or so.
  • Avoid excessive reaching and twisting by arranging items on your desk.
  • Wear comfortable, supportive shoes – possibly with orthotics, if necessitated.
  • Maintain ergonomically correct workstations.
  • Learn how to improve posture and lift, bend and carry correctly. Chiropractors and Physical Therapists provide home and work instructions for patients.

 Children Drawing With Smiling Preschool Teacher Aassisting ThemIn addition to correcting structural imbalances with Chiropractic, muscular imbalances with Physical Therapy and chemical imbalances with Functional Medicine – many teachers are integrating Acupuncture into their treatment program. So does acupuncture really work? It certainly does!Talking for many hours – day after day, at a raised volume, can deplete “Lung Qi”. According to Chinese Medicine, Lung Qi is distributed not only to the lung, but also along the surface of the body – along the lung meridian, which runs from the chest to the arm and then ends in our thumbs. The Lung Qi level plays a vital role in the body’s immune system. Lack of Lung Qi can cause dysfunction in all the organs related to the lung, contributing to the following health symptoms: Chronic Cough, Frequent Colds and Flu, Sinus Problems; Asthma and Wheezing, Dry Mouth and Throat, Low Immunity to Infections, Shortness of Breath Upon Exertion, Fatigue and Weakness, Daily Energy Lag around 3 PM, Spontaneous Daytime Sweats, Hoarse or Loss of Voice.

Female School teacher working in officeAccording to a study conducted by Ball State University, nearly 25% of US teachers are so sleep deprived that their teaching skills are significantly impacted. In fact, they also report more mood swings and are at a higher risk for serious personal health problems. The study found that 43% slept an average of six hours or less, due to long workdays. Teachers who are looking for remedies for insomnia may want to try Acupuncture.

If you experience back pain when standing or face other health concerns, help is available. If you do not know proper lifting techniques, a chiropractor or physical therapist can help. Additionally, Teachers and State Employees may have health insurance that covers Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Orthotics!

I was suffering with intense, unbearable, throbbing headaches when I searched the internet, looking for a Chiropractor.  The headaches were behind my right eye and I also had neck and shoulder pain on my right side.  Along with that I had hip and foot pain.

After my initial consultation with Dr. Reisert, I then saw Dr. Morris, my Chiropractor, Dr. Speesler, the Medical Doctor and the Physical Therapy Team.  Dr. Morris concentrated on the vertebrae on my right side, and my headache pain has been drastically reduced.  Dr. Speesler did a blood work-up to check my blood levels. I am continuing to improve my overall health, along with Physical Therapy treatments to help with my pain.

I am a teacher and am on my feet most of the day, so I was fitted for Orthotics for my foot pain.  I am also starting Acupuncture treatments, for tension and poor sleeping habits. There has been such an improvement in my pain!  Everyone has been great! I have nothing but good things to say about the AIMS Clinic! – J.B.


I was under regular chiropractic care when my right knee became very painful whenever I walked. Through chiropractic care, and most especially physical therapy; my knee continues to become stronger. I am able to walk around my classroom and through the halls without pain. – B.E.

I was referred to Alternative Integrated Medical Services by my Primary Care Physician, after suffering with whiplash, from an automobile accident. I am a Jazz Musician and the Artistic Director at Rutgers. I was in severe pain which affected me, both on a personal and professional level.

After treating at the AIMS Clinic, my whiplash is incredibly better and I have lost 35 pounds, which really helped, being I was pre-diabetic. I am convinced that the program works; I even referred by wife and 2 sons!

I have learned that you “do not have to live with pain”. The staff at AIMS is very friendly, they really care about you! They are extremely helpful and genuine, also providing emotional healing. I look forward to coming to the AIMS Clinic! – C.H.


After seeking treatment for severe sciatic pain elsewhere and having no results; I began searching the Internet, when I found the AIMS Clinic. Before coming to AIMS I had 3 epidurals, with no relief and my next option was surgery, which I did not want to have.

Dr. Schwartz, my Chiropractor has been great! I can now say I am no longer in pain. Along with Chiropractic Care, I have also seen Dr. Davis, the Medical Doctor for Trigger Point Injections, which have also been great in reducing my pain. The Acupuncture treatments have also helped with my overall well-being.

I am a retired teacher and very active. My wife says, “I am like a new person”… now that I am not in pain. I can enjoy my 11 grandchildren again! Everyone at the AIMS Clinic has been great and I always recommend AIMS to others. – W.R.

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