At the end of November 2018, my left knee

At the end of November 2018, my left knee, which had been replaced in January 2009, swelled up and caused me acute pain. For three months I limped around, until my revision surgery was done on February 25, 2019. As a result of my imbalance my right SI joint flared up!

After surgery I had pain in my SI joint while dealing with rehabilitating my knee. Needless to say, my daily living activities were very much affected. So in March, I started seeing Dr. Morris (my chiropractor) 2 -3 times a week to help alleviate the SI pain. I have been seeing Dr. Morris since 2003 on a monthly basis and have been a patient at AIMS (formerly MCCC) since 19B5.

Dr. Morris has helped me get 75”o relief oj’the SI pain at this point. I have also had cortisone shots by Dr. Perry Herman, which have also helped me with pain relief.

At the beginning of April I started physical therapy with Emma Florentino and Barbara and have now completed six weeks of pt. My surgeon is very happy with my revision PT. Revision surgery and therapy is much more complicated than a regular knee replacement – considering the surgery took twice as long as expected. With Emma and Barbara’s help, I should make a full recovery (at this point I believe I am 75°A rehabbed).

The office and staff have been very helpful in scheduling my appointments with physical therapy, chiropractic and sometimes Dr. Herman on the same day. Maria, Donna, Gabrielle, Mia and Jill are wonderful! Carol has been very helpful in helping me switch from commercial insurance to Medicare and Supplemental as of 4/J/J9.

I have referred many family members and good friends since I started treatment at AIMS/MCCC. All have been very happy and many still come to AIMS!

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