My Doctor referred me to The AIMS Clinic

“My Doctor referred me to The AIMS Clinic because I had very weak muscles in my back. If I had to place my pain on a scale of 1 – 10, where 10 is the highest, I would say my level of pain was a 15! After meeting with Dr. Picone during my initial consultation in February, I began treatment. He assured me that the Doctors and Therapists could really help me. All I can say is… He was right! I love coming to AIMS, I look forward to it! From the moment I come in and greeted by the amazing front desk staff, I feel welcomed and part of the AIMS family. They truly are accommodating. Special thanks to Maria and Gabrielle! AIMS is the best place that I ever went for Physical Therapy! Krunal and Neha are simply wonderful! Krunal created a treatment program to help strengthen my muscles. He even gave me exercises to do at home. I know that he works hard to help me and I work hard because it really helps! He motivates and inspires me. Dr. Morris is also fantastic. What can I say except I feel so much better because of all the care and support I continue to receive. Going from a pain level of 15 to about a 2 feels unbelievable! Many thanks to my Team! It’s hard to believe how great I feel in only three months!” – Laura Guberer

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