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alan schwartz spineYou’re sitting at a stop sign and all of a sudden… your car is hit! Your head whips forward (hyperflexion) then backwards (hyperextension) or vice versa; hence the non-medical term “whiplash”. When the head is “whipped” by an impact, the tendons, ligaments and muscles that protect and cushion the spine can be damaged – as well as injuring discs and the spine itself. When these tissues are stretched or torn… the spine becomes significantly less stable. Seeking treatment at our pain and wellness center can evaluate and treat injuries sustained.

What Else Can Cause a Whiplash Injury?

whiplash-neck-painMost people associate a whiplash injury with an automobile accident. However, a whiplash can result due to:

  • A ride on a roller coaster
  • Sports Injury: snowboarding, gymnastics, football, boxing
  • Cradling a telephone between the neck and ear
  • Slip-and-Fall Injury
cervical spineIf you were involved in a situation that involves a whiplash – symptoms can be mild to severe, happen immediately or overtime, and occur in other parts of the spine (not just the neck) – such as the lower back or lumbar spine. In addition to pain, you may experience:

  • Numbness or Tingling
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Blurred Vision
  • Jaw Pain
  • Fatigue

Successful Whiplash Injury Treatment in East Brunswick NJ

whiplashThis brutal winter has caused a multitude of auto accidents – with many people seeking whiplash injury treatment. Our high success rates and compassionate care has saved hundreds of patients from unnecessary surgery and avoid the need for prescription or over-the-counter medication. Simply put… our program works because we find the cause and customize a treatment program. Patients also receive a Patient Care Coordinator and have access to Billing Specialists to address any questions or concerns.

The Road to Recovery after a Whiplash Injury:

Come in for a free consultation and meet with our Clinic Director. We want to hear what happened and what you are experiencing. If we feel we can help you, we will tell you and start the recovery process. This means having some structural and muscular evaluations, perhaps x-rays and if necessary – blood tests and an MRI or CT scan. In addition to meeting with our Medical Director, Chiropractic Team and Physical Therapy Team, we may have our Acupuncturist conduct her own whiplash injury evaluation. The more we learn, the more effective the customized program will be.

A Report of Findings is generated and a treatment plan is created, which may consist of:
: The treating chiropractor identifies the joints that are restricted or show abnormal motion (subluxations) and returns motion to the joint with a gentle thrusting technique. This gentle thrusting rapidly stretches soft tissue and stimulates the nervous system to return normal motion to the spine. Other options include an instrument-assisted manipulation (considered in older patients with degenerative joint syndrome), Trigger Point Therapy (relieves tension), Therapeutic Massage, Manual Joint Stretching and Resistance Techniques. Immobilization of the neck with a soft cervical collar may be considered for a short time. In addition, spinal decompression traction that may help relieve neck pain, may be considered. Spinal decompression works by gently stretching the spine – taking pressure off spinal discs (gel-like cushions between the bones in your spine). Spinal decompression is successful in treating back pain, bulging or herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, posterior facet syndrome (worn spinal joints) and radiculopathy (injured or diseased spinal nerve roots).

neck painPhysical Therapy: For acute pain, the physical therapist may focus on decreasing pain with passive physical therapy (modalities). They are considered passive therapies because they are done to the patient, rather than the patient rehabilitating with exercise. Examples of modalities include: Ice (makes blood vessels constrict which decreases the blood flow – helping to control inflammation, muscle spasms and pain), Heat (makes blood vessels dilate, which increases the blood flow – helping flush away chemicals that cause pain, as well as bringing in healing nutrients and oxygen), Ultrasound (uses high-frequency sound waves to reach sore muscles and other tissues that are over two inches below the surface of your skin, which help flush the sore area and bring in a new supply of blood that is rich in nutrients and oxygen), Electrical Stimulation (can ease pain due to irregular muscle tightness), Soft Tissue Massage (reduces pain and spasms by helping muscles relax – by bringing in a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood and by flushing the area of chemical irritants that come from inflammation), Joint Mobilization (changing pressure and movements to the joints to help lubricate joint surfaces to ease stiffness and reduce pain) and Traction (sore joints and muscles often feel better when traction is used). In addition to passive therapies, active physical therapy (exercise) is also necessary to rehabilitate the spine. Generally, a patient’s exercise program will encompass a combination of stretching exercises, strengthening exercises and low impact aerobics. Strength and flexibility must be built up gradually – on a gradient level. Doing too much, too soon often causes muscle strain. Our physical therapists use functional training to help patients with daily activities. This will include a healthy posture program to keep the spine in safe alignment, reducing strain on the joints and soft tissues around the spine. Treatment programs are designed based upon injuries sustained, previous injuries, lifestyle and overall health.

Acupuncture: Many patients discover the many benefits of AIMS Acupuncture. It helps to relieve pain, regulate emotions, increase energy and reduce the need for prescription drugs and side effects.

If you are searching for a pain and wellness center to help you with whiplash symptoms, please schedule a free consultation. Let us create a whiplash injury treatment program to fit your lifestyle and help you enjoy your friends and family, and be productive at work. We have attached an accident pamphlet for you to download and keep in your car.

Auto Accident Pamphlet

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